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Ever needed to transport items of any kind, Do you get discouraged whenever you think of the huddles you go through in order to take this things from one place to the other. If you just answered yes to these questions, then Effex Delivery Service is here to help you with this and make your life simpler and better

Live Tracking

Are you very Curious, and want to know the transit state of your items whether it's in warehouse, on air or ship transit, delivered or not. Effex Delivery has a feature to help you with that, so bother not.We ensure your items gets delivered and you can now track your items delivery progress

Insurance/Security services

Protecting your customers and giving them peace of mind is what we do best, but who does that for you? We understand your company is unique and requires specialized attention. And if something were to happen, you can have confidence that your claim will be handled by our professional and experienced representatives.

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Safe Logistic & Transport Solutions That Saves our Valuable Time!

Effex courierservice with all permits, licenses, visa’s and/or any other government authorization documentation prior to international shipping orders. Skylimit Delivery Services Ltd has integrated freight trucking solutions for door-to-door delivery throughout the continental U.S. and other international points in our service region for commercial and residential markets. Every country has its own set of Customs rules, regulations, and restrictions. It is the shipper’s responsibility to verify and provide.

  • .You can now track your items delivery progress.
  • .We ensure you items gets delivered at due Time
  • .Integrate and have items get delivered through us

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“I find Effex courierservice Service highly dependable. There were times when my consignments had to be collected from different locations within the country. WFS organized for the goods to be collected and packed; saving me a lot of trouble. They also arranged for consolidated shipment for these consignments which greatly brought down the shipping cost.”.

Manela Watson

Derector of ATV

"I rely only on Enex Delivery Service Company for all my import related needs in UK. Working with A.L. is always a pleasure. Having interacted with the company for several years I have noticed that they work with clockwork precession. Everything in the company is streamlined to perfection".

Ema Wayans NAGEL

Business Owner

Effex courierservice International offers great rates and service for our shipments. The Representatives are dependable, quick and very responsive to our bookings requests. Working with the Amerijet team is always convenient and easy, and we are looking forward to doing more business in the future”.


Business Owner

Always listening, always understanding.

Shipment and Warehousing